The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the NSF is currently being rejuvenated and restructured. For the time being the following people, besides the Chairman, will carry on the activities of the NSF:

Dr. Lu Naekel, (Advisor for Health Affairs) Dr. Naekel works as a doctor in St.-Josef-Hospital in Adenau, a city close to Bonn. Dr. Naekel has been fascinated by South Sudan every since she visited the country as a student in 1983. Determined to help the people on the ground, she founded the medical aid organization METH- a Dinka word for Children.

Dr. Naekel studied at FU Berlin, where she met C. Garang Ring Lual.

Valentino Achak Deng (Advisor for Education Affairs) Valentino was born in South Sudan in the village of Marial Bai. He fled in the late 1980s during the second Sudanese civil war, when his village was destroyed by murahaleen. Valentino spent nine years in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps, where he worked for the UNHCR as a social advocate and reproductive health educator.

In 2001, he resettled to Atlanta, GA. Valentino has toured the United States speaking about his life in South Sudan, his experience as a refugee, and his collaboration with author Dave Eggers on “What Is the What”, the novelized version of Valentino’s life story. As a leader in the South Sudanese diaspora, he advocates for the universal right to education. In 2006, Valentino and Eggers established the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation to help rebuild South Sudanese communities by increasing educational access. The Foundation’s first major initiative has been the creation of a community-driven educational center in Marial Bai.

Karlheinz Jung works on oil, gas and international law matters as a cooperation partner of a Hamburg-based law firm. He also has expierence in the field of railways and environmental concerns. Karlheinz supported the NSF activities from the start. This included working with the Civil Authority of New Sudan (CANS) in the founding of NilePet. He contributed to the first oil contract in Nairobi. Karlheinz was until recently members of the NSF board. He is the CEO of Germany and coordinator of NSF activities in Western Europe.

Karlheinz studied in Europe as well as the United States.

Elke Ring Lual, Veterinarian, (Director of Wildlife and Veterinarian Affairs) Elke is in charge of Wildlife Conservation and Veterinarian Affairs at the New Sudan Foundation. She worked as a Veterinarian for over fifteen years in her own clinic in her home country Germany.

Elke studied veterinary sciences at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin). She is married and has two children.

Carlos Labraña A., (Advisor on Information Technology Matters) Carlos is an experienced IT professional. Carlos currently is the Head of IT for a leading Swiss company. Previously, he has worked as an IT specialist for Reuters, the New York Times and Gleiss Lutz Law Firm, one of the biggest law firms in Germany. Carlos’ focus lies on IT security and high-speed networks.

Carlos studied Electrical Engineering in Frankfurt. He is married and has three children.

Joaquin de Arespacochaga, lawyer living in Madrid, (Advisor) Mr. de Arespacochaga is a lawyer and economist. He is a senior partner of Kunert Beteiligung, S.A., an international consulting company based in Luxembourg. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors of several Spanish and European companies. Mr. de Arespacochaga has published several international legal and tax related books as well as literature and poetry books.

Mr. Arespacochaga studied Law, Economics, Politics, Philology and Humanism at Universidad Autonoma in Madrid. He was awarded by the King of Spain the “Medalla de Alfonso X El Sabio” in 1978 for cultural merits. Mr. de Arespacochaga is married and has six children.

Angelo Diing Dhel, (South Sudan Affairs) Angelo is a South Sudanese national. He acts as an important liaison in South Sudan. He worked as Chief Secretary for Mobilization at the South Sudan Youth Forum and as an Administrator for the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Angelo gathered work experience as an Administrator at the Kakuma Refugee Camp of the United Nations. Angelo has been a founding member of the Aweil Community Association of South Australia and of Sudanese Humanitarian Assistance for Relief and Education Development.

Angelo holds a graduate diploma in Public Policy and Administration as well as a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in International Relations and International Development from Flinders University of South Australia.

Josphert Konzolo, living in Nairobi, (Advisor on East African Affairs) Mr. Konzolo has over 30 years of post-Masters professional international experience as a consultant, advisor, dealer, manager, and director in diverse areas of the finance sector including capital markets, banking, insurance, and funds management.

Mr Konzolo holds a Bsc.(Hon) and M.A. in Economics. He acquired post graduate diplomas in CSI, IFI as well as Money and Capital Markets from the New York Institute of Finance.

Esther Cornelia Goossens – Thome Esther has extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. She was the Managing Director of the Crown Hotel and Resorts in Kampala as well as ‘The Travel Group’ which specialized in consulting for the hotel, tourism and aviation sectors. Esther was for four years General Manager of the Heron Hotel in Juba. She also served as a General Manager for the Rock Shield Hotel in Juba.

In her free time, Esther creates unique African and contemporary art. She is married and has two children.

Adrianna Tanya Marlene McGarvey, living in Malindi, (Investment Issues Malindi and the Kenyan Coastal Region) Adrianna has experience in driving organizations to achieve specialized status in a multitude of business sectors including ISO, IBO and CIE. She has worked in the legal sector, environmental field, in training as well as coaching. She is result-oriented and performance driven. Adrianna is comfortable leading small and large teams.

Adrianna holds a B.Sc. Honors Degree from the University of Greenwich and a M.A.from the University of Central England. She finished her post graduate studies at St Martins College in England.

A. Ahmed Saad, living in Khartoum, (Advisor) Mr.Saad acted as a representative for NSF in Sudan and the Middle East since 2007. He has extensive experience in professional project management. Mr. Saad worked as IDPs camps supervisor for six years and worked as a rehabilitation and rural development manager for five years. He has also worked as a business development and been a representative in the board of directors of the Alshimal Islamic Bank.

Mr.Saad speaks English and Arabic and holds an MBA.Mr. Saad is married and has five sons.

Ghazi Al-Sheikh, living in Oman, (Lawyer) Mr. Ghazi Al-Sheikh is a former judge and international lawyer with 25 years of experience. He studied law in Khartoum (Sudan) and in the US. He worked as a judge in Khartoum and as a lawyer in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). He lives in Oman. Mr. Ghazi Al-Sheikh currently acts as resident NSF Legal Counsel & Business Coordinator Middle East. He is responsible there for corporate, commercial and investment affairs.