Crucial break-through in Addis Abeba in the negotiations between the Government of South-Sudan and the SPLM/A (IO):

The 19th of February was declared as the date for the final round of negotiations.

In this final round (of negotiations) the last open points are to be resolved. It will be attended by Kiir and Machar only. The talks are intended to set the road free for a comprehensive peace agreement prior to the 5th of March.

Kiir and Machar agreed on the 1st of February in the Ethiopian capital on the tenets of an agreement, which should finally bring to an end the current blood-drenched inner-Sudanese conflict. In particular the following important points were declared as the result of tenacious negotiations between the conflicting parties, moderated by the IGAD:

  • The Formation of a transitional government, lasting for at least two and a half years.
  • The Structure and functions of the transitional government.
  • A permanent ceasefire.