Building of John Garang University

The New Sudan Foundation welcomes investments made by ASCOM to improve the life of ordinary South Sudanese citizens in Jonglei State. The NSF Chairman brought ASCOM to South Sudan. In June 2007 ASCOM mobilized 65 workers, excavators, bulldozers and electric generators, among other equipment to begin the construction of John Garang University in Bor. ASCOM and the NSF Chairman agreed that instead of giving scholarships to South Sudanese Students to go and study in Moldova, it was necessary to start a University in Bor with the help of ASCOM. It was suggested that following oil companies should be encouraged to contribute to the success of John Garang de Mabior University. Kol Maniang and Abraham-Commissioner inaugurated the university in 2009. All works and costs have been supported by ASCOM, including 12 professors. Full accommodation for 100 students was included. The New Sudan Foundation would also like to thank former Governor of Jonglei, Thon Leek, for his contribution during the construction.

The New Sudan Foundation also salutes ASCOM for setting up Ayod Hospital and Duk Padiet Hospital.The two hospitals have served over 41,300 patients in 2007 and 74,000 patients in 2008. More than 15,000,000 USD have been provided for medical and technical assistance and medical equipment, among others. A total of 8,000,000 USD has been spent to upgrade road conditions including the Juba-Torit and Bor- Duk Padient roads. An airstrip and improvements to Canal River of the Khor Kir Community have bolstered the local infrastructure. Demining efforts through international experts have made the lives of the local population noticeably safer.

The New Sudan Foundation encourages further investment into community development programs.