outh Sudan possesses 30 million hectares of arable land.Most of this comprises flat alluvial plains and gently rolling hills. Less than 5% of arable land is currently used.

The country is divided into six agro-ecological zones offering a diversity of agricultural potential:

Greenbelt: Ideal for oil palm, tea & coffee, fruits , irish potatoes maize and vegetables, tropical forestry

Ironstone Plateau: Ideal for sorghum, groundnuts sesame sunflower and livestock herding area.

Nile Sobat: Ample irrigation, sunshine, alluvial soils – ideal conditions for sugar cane, rice and sorghum.

Flood plains: Ideal for sorghum, rice sugar cane, sesame and groundnuts.

Hills and Mountains: Ideal for tea, coffee, temperate fruits,(apples, grapes), forest plantations and wheat.

Arid Zone: Ideal for gum acacia production.