Specific Projects

Nzara Agro-Industrial Complex Study Complete feasibility study on revival of Nzara Agro-Industrial Complex in Nzara (PPP Commerce)

Yirol Edible Oil Mill Establish palm oil cultivation and oil factory in Lake State; Volume: $8,124,000 (PPP Commerce)

Slaughterhouses Establish two modern abattoirs in Juba and Malakal; Volume: $20,000,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Milk processing Establish two milk processing plants in Juba and Wau; Volume: $15,000,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Tanneries Establish two tanneries in Juba and Malakal; Volume: $10,000,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Poultry farms Establish three modern regional poultry farms in Juba, Malakal and Wau; Volume: $12,000,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Honey Bee Products. Establish honey and other bee products processing plant in Izzo; Volume: $2,000,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Fish Processing Develop fish supply chain, including processing plants, storage facilities, and refrigerated vans. In addition, processing plant in Shambe, storage in Shambe, Malakal, Adok and Bor; Volume: $10,950,000 (PPP Agriculture)

Melut Sugar Project Develop cane cultivation and sugar production facilities in Melut in Northern Upper Nile and Mongalla in Central Equatoria

Mongalla Sugar Project Develop cane cultivation and sugar production facilities in Central Equatoria (Agriculture)

Aweil Rice Cultivate rice farms in Aweil Bahr el Ghazal State (Greenfield Agriculture)

Gum Acacia Support gum acacia production and processing in Arid and Nile Sobat zones (Greenfield Agriculture)

Farm Machinery (tractors, threshers, combine harvesters etc.) in Eastern Floodplain (Renk) (Greenfield Agriculture)

Crop Protection (birds, insects, rodents, other pests), Eastern Floodplain (Renk), Greenbelt zone (Greenfield Agriculture)

Horticulture Cold storage and value addition in hills and mountains zone (Greenfield Agriculture)

Sheep Production Holding yards, transport in arid zone (Greenfield Agriculture)

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